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Google Will Pay You $1000 Bounty For Finding Bugs In Android Apps

You can earn $1000 in Bounty for finding software bugs in Android Apps Google has launched (and is expanding) a new program with the aim of removing vulnerabilities from third-party apps on its Google Play Store. Titled the Google Play Security Reward Program, it will reward researchers $1,000 for discovering problems […]

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak launches his own online technical university ‘Woz U’

Steve Wozniak announces tech education platform Woz U Steve WozniaK – the man who co-founded Apple alongside the late Steve Jobs is launching a new portal Woz U and thereby entering the education sector. The portal is designed to promote technology jobs and provide skills to enter the tech industry […]

Denmark schools to expel students if they dont let them check their search history

Students will have to Allow Teachers to Check Search History in Denmark A new law relating to students in Denmark is making privacy headlines. The law in question has proposed by Merete Riisager the country’s education minister encourages students to provide their schools unfiltered access to their personal laptops. While the […]

Pi-Top is a Raspberry Pi powered modular laptop to help learn coding and hardware hacks

Learn to code with DIY Modular laptop Pi-Top powered by Raspberry Pi The Rasberry Pi has been popular with hobbyists right since its first iteration in 2012 when it was a single chip processor running on ARM11 and clocked at 700 Mhz. Today, the Pi 3 offers a quad-core chip based on […]

Developer Sues Apple For Allegedly Stealing iPhone X ‘Animoji’ Trademark

Apples gets sued over iPhone X Animoji infringement Animojis for those who don’t remember are animated emojis that are created using the facial recognition features of the iPhone X and were widely talked about coming out of Apple’s September event. They were supposed to be a big deal for the company, […]

Student expelled for hacking school computer and changing grades

Student expelled for changing grades using keylogger Under normal situations, a student wanting higher grades would mean extra effort and hard work and that’s usually a good thing. In this student’s case however, the school decided that its a bad thing when the hard work leads a student to hack […]

3 golden rules for choosing your Bitcoin wallet?

So you’ve decided to get some Bitcoins, congrats! This short guide will explain exactly what you need to take into account when choosing a Bitcoin wallet. Since there’s such a wide variety of Bitcoin wallets the selection can sometimes be overwhelming, but here are the basic things to keep in […]

When Android Was Spotted Peeing On Apple !!!

When Android logo Appeared Peeing On Apple In Satellite View Some of the top public toilets around the world include Centennial Park Amenities in Australia, Tokinokura Lavatories Shimodate in Japan, Trail Restroom in Texas, Retractable Urinals: URILIFT in London & Amsterdam, Transparent Toilet in Switzerland and Kawakawa public toilets in […]

Top 15 programming languages, according to GitHub

15 Most popular programming languages used by programmers on GitHub If you are looking to make a promising and long-term career in the ever changing software development industry, it is very important to know the right skills required to survive and get ahead in the modern workplace. More so, if […]