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JavaScript { Part six: Inheritance and Prototypes }

Learn what is and how it works this two, by writing them yourself… What’s up What’s up!!, in order to keep explaining objects in JavaScript, I would like to said, inheritance, for me, is very useful for promoting code reuse Inheritance Is when you refer to the capacity of an object […]

How to switch from Gulp to Webpack: a tutorial to get you started

Yet another blog post with the Webpack logo. No, not really. Switching from Gulp to Webpack could be traumatic. For most developers on October 26, 2017. How to switch from Gulp to Webpack: a tutorial to get you started was originally published in codeburst on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation […]

Code quality through 7 guarantees

Code quality from the standpoint of guarantees you can provide about your code When you are done writing your code, ideally you’d like to push it straight into production and call it a day. Unfortunately, this is rarely the best course of action. For most of us, finishing the coding process […]

Linear gradient for border color in React Native

This week I started a new project at work. While I was studying the design I knew it will be kind of hard to implement the linear gradient that Andrei, my colleague designed (btw, thanks for suggesting me what I am about to detail here). The design is pretty simple to […]

A beginner friendly intro to functional programming

Photo by Sebastien Gabriel on Unsplash Functional programming is a highly valued approach to writing code, and it’s popularity is continuously increasing in commercial software applications. Functional programming is a paradigm of writing code and is eloquently put in the introduction of this Wikipedia article: “ -a style of building the […]

Building adaptive container view controller

Adaptivity UIKit went a long way to support various devices and screen sizes in one app. Starting from universal apps for iPhone and iPad, introducing Auto Layout, multiple iterations on rotation API, and up to adaptive apps. Devices and Orientations Number of possible screen sizes looks scary: Compact Width Regular Height Applying […]

Artificial Intelligence Applications: Data Science Meets Procurement

One of the most critical functions in organizations, but often less appreciated than it should be, is the Procurement function. Somehow it rarely has the glitz and glamour associated with its more modish counterparts like Marketing, Finance or Technology. Probably for this same reason, it is frequently a laggard in […]