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Understanding ExpressJS Routing

Introduction Express is a popular Node.js web framework. Amongst its functionality, it provides a wrapper for Routing. The Express Router helps in the creation of route handlers. In this tutorial, you will learn how to work with Express Router. Let’s get started. Create a new directory for your application. Run […]

Our Kids Experience ALTERNATIVE REALITY, Not Virtual Reality

In 2016 Oculus released a virtual reality film called “Henry”. The Emmy award-winning short features a lonely hedgehog celebrating his birthday who makes a wish over his flickering candles for some friends. By the magic of film, balloon animals turn up for the celebration… but hedgehog spikes and balloons aren’t […]

What Amazon Sumerian means for webVR and Rodin

webVR — the right fit Let’s break down the state of the VR/AR creation market, the tools in existence and how this influences Rodin’s positioning with the introduction of Amazon Sumerian. Developing a VR app today is like developing websites in the 90s. Complex tools. Costly. Developers must learn 3D modeling, game engine […]

Report: Consumers Demand That Brands Have A Voice on Key Social Issues

10 Trends Now Influencing How Consumers and Brands Interact By Sheryl Connelly, Corporate Futurist, Ford Motor Company It used to be that consumers chose brands based solely on the products they sold. If someone liked a product or service, they typically became a loyal customer. But today’s buyers demand more of companies. […]

Farewell Education, Welcome API as a Service for Micro Entrepreneurship

Lookbooks and Ergonomic Consumption CRYPTIC CHILD, music producer/graphic designer meets art/film director ‘Ontology (Information Science)’ — The fields of artificial intelligence, the Semantic Web, Machine Learning, systems engineering, software engineering, biomedical informatics, library science, enterprise bookmarking, and information architecture all create ontologies to limit complexity and to organize information. I started PassionBeOurGuide fostering […]