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Exception Handling in Laravel

In this article, we’re going to explore one of the most important and least discussed features of the Laravel web framework—exception handling. Laravel comes with a built-in exception handler that allows you to report and render exceptions easily and in a friendly manner. In the first half of the article, […]

5 Reasons Why Google Assistant is the Future of Ai

credit: In my last article I mentioned that Google and Facebook are the leaders in the artificial intelligence 🤖 gold rush era 🤠 we are now living in. I always was a Google guy, my first phone was an Android phone, I got the Chromecast went it first came out, […]

The Apple Battery Cover-Up: Triumph of Management, Failure of Leadership

This is a difficult post for me to write. It’s a post about Apple — yet it’s not the same Apple where I spent 22 years of my career. It’s also a post about competent management — and, the utter failure of leadership.starti You’ve probably seen the headlines by now. Apple recently rolled out […]

4 Tricks for Fast Image Fills in Sketch

Tiny Techniques are bitesized design tricks to make you a better, faster designer in Sketch. Sometimes you’ll already be doing it…sometimes we’ll blow your mind. The Problem Frankly, no one likes browsing their computer for images to use in a design. BORED! The Solution Here are some fun little techniques you can […]

Modernizing Node.js with idiomatic JavaScript

This blog post was written by Peter Marshall, Software Engineer at Google, V8 and Arunesh Chandra, Sr. Program Manager at Microsoft, Chakra Until recently, it was hard to write JavaScript that worked across all browsers. The different JavaScript virtual machines found in each browser varied so much in their behavior […]

Procurement Agility in the Age of Digitalisation

This year marks the fifth year that we have held our Productivity-in-Procurement Think Tank, in which we have dealt with top-of-mind issues such as SRM, Innovation Sourcing, Procurement as a Productivity engine, and Next-Level Procurement Skills. During this period, the more we have explored these important topics, the more we […]

Introducing Nuro, Robotics For Everyday Life

Nuro Founders Dave Ferguson and Jiajun Zhu. I couldn’t be more excited to announce our Series A investment in Nuro and that I have joined the Board of Directors. Nuro is as compelling of an opportunity as I’ve ever seen in transportation. The company’s mission is to accelerate the benefits of […]

Moving forward with AI

In the past few months, I have gotten the following question a lot: “What can I do today to prepare my organisation for the AI revolution?” Indeed. Self-driving cars. Commercial drones. Smart cameras. Movie and music creation. Powerful & intelligent robots. Over the past few years, a new revolution has brought […]