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Linear Regression in 2 Minutes (using PyTorch)

You can find all the accompanying code in this Github repo This is Part 2 of the PyTorch Primer Series. Linear Regression is linear approach for modeling the relationship between inputs and the predictions Source: Wikipedia We find a ‘Linear fit’ to the data. Fit: We are trying to predict a variable y, […]

Time Series Forecasting with Splunk. Part I. Intro & Kalman Filter.

Let’s consider a bit more practical task than tuning input fields on dashboards. Time series forecasting is a quite typical task in data analysis. Splunk ML Toolkit provides a couple of well-known methods for this task: Kalman filter and ARIMA. Unfortunately, these methods sometimes fail when encountering a real-world problems. […]

PWAs are coming to iOS 11.3: Cupertino, we have a problem

iOS 11.3 and macOS 10.13.4 include Service Workers – a powerful specification that allows background scripts to power offline web applications. iOS 11.3 also consults Web App Manifest when adding web apps to the home screen.  — @rmondello After the surprise yesterday from a tweet from Ricky Mondello and then the […]

Create Cross-platform Voice Applications With Jovo

Jovo aims to create a development framework that allows you to write code once and deliver to multiple voice platforms (at this time, Alexa and Google Assistant). Again, it’s like the voice ecosystem is taking the same path as app development, trying to find ways around maintaining multiple code bases. […]

PyTorch Basics in 4 Minutes

You can find all the accompanying code in this Github repo This is Part 1 of the PyTorch Primer Series. Topics Discussed: Tensors Basic Operations. (Inline, Tensor Indexing, Slicing) Numpy-PyTorch Bridge PyTorch-Numpy Bridge Variable Gradients What is PyTorch? It’s a Python based package for serving as a replacement of Numpy and to provide […]

Microsoft is working on a new “modern” version of Windows 10 for PCs

Meet “Polaris” – the new, lighter and modern version of Windows 10 operating system Microsoft has long been working on creating a modular operating system for Windows that can run across different platforms and form-factors. Last year, Microsoft announced that they are working on turning Windows into a more modular operating […]