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Setup your own private Proof-of-Authority Ethereum network with Geth

February 2018. Goal: step by step guide to help you setup a local private ethereum network using the Proof-of-Authority consensus engine (also named clique). In a nutshell: we will setup two nodes on the same machine, creating a peer-to-peer network on our localhost. In addition to the two nodes, a bootnode […]

Quality Assurance Toolkit: Using Android Studio IDE

Quality assurance engineers know that choosing the right technology stack for testing Android applications can be a real pain. The tools you pick have to be catered specifically to the needs and features of a particular app, and you might have to go through a number of paid and open-source […]

How to write a production-level code in Data Science?

dreamstime/Scyther5 Ability to write a production-level code is one of the sought-after skills for a data scientist role— either posted explicitly or not. For a software engineer turned data scientist this may not sound like a challenging task as they might have already perfected their skill at developing production level […]

These 3 elements are crucial to the future of electric cars

Electric vehicles will constitute a third of new-car sales by 2030. What lessons do we still need to learn? Image: Reuters/Steve Marcus Jean-Pascal Tricoire, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Schneider Electric Francesco Starace, CEO and General Manager, Enel Group As urbanization increases — an additional 2.5 billion people will live in cities by […]