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Android Automotive OS updates for developers

Posted by Madan Ankapura, Product Manager, Android Google’s vision is to bring a safe and seamless connected experience to every car. Since 2017, we have announced collaborations with vehicle manufacturers like Volvo Car Group, General Motors and others to power infotainment systems with Android Automotive OS, Google’s open-source Android platform, […]

What News Can We Expect from the 2019 Samsung Developer Conference?

It’s become the norm for developer conferences to serve as the launchpad for new hardware and software features for big tech firms. Later this month, Samsung will hold its 2019 Global Developer Conference. Rumors are already swirling. Reports suggest an upgraded camera for the flagship Galaxy smartphone, as well as […]

The 10 Best Podcast Apps For iPhone And iPad

People love listening to podcasts while commuting, working at the office, and even while going on a run with their dogs. You can get entertained and even gain knowledge from podcasts. That said, there are plenty of podcast apps on AppStore and choosing the right one can be quiet difficult. […]

Germany’s Largest File-Hoster ‘’ Shuts Down After Police Raid

Police raids, takes it offline, the largest file hosting site operated in Germany, has shut down following raids as part of a copyright-violation investigation, reported TorrentFreak. The investigation was jointly carried out by the prosecutor’s office in Cologne and the police in the city of Aachen. For those unaware, […]

Netflix to crack down on users sharing passwords with friends and family

Netflix Wants “Consumer-Friendly” Ways To Crack Down On Password Sharing Netflix, one of the popular video streaming services, has announced that it would soon limit the password sharing by users with their family and friends. Greg Peters, the Chief Product Officer of Netflix, in an interview discussing their Q3 2019 earnings […]

Monkeys defeat humans in a simple computer game

Monkeys outperform humans when it comes to cognitive flexibility, study shows A research study by a psychology student at Georgia State University reveals that monkeys are better at problem-solving than humans. According to the study, monkeys were better in displaying a “cognitive flexibility” or problem-solving ability that the humans lacked […]

Internet Archive releases 2,500 playable MS-DOS games for free

You can now play 2,500 MS-DOS games on your web browser for free All those old-school gamers from the ’90s are in for a treat. The Internet Archive has released a new update that allows you to play 2500 MS-DOS games from the 90’s on your browser for free. Also […]

Anyone’s fingerprint can unlock Galaxy S10 phone, confirms Samsung

Samsung to fix Galaxy S10 flaw that allows any thumbprint to unlock the phone Beware, if you are a Galaxy S10 owner, as a vulnerability in the smartphone allows any fingerprint to unlock the device. The news was confirmed by Samsung who told Reuters that the company is going to […]