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The 6 Most Important Skills for a Java Developer

Java is one of the most popular programming languages used today, prized by developers for its flexibility and ease-of-use. These features are the main reasons why Java is the second-most popular programming language among programmers.  Fortune 500 companies and specialized Java development companies use the language to build popular web, […]

YouTube Music will come pre-installed on all new Android 10 phones

YouTube Music will now come pre-installed by default on new Android devices Google has announced that YouTube Music will come pre-installed as a part of its suite of apps on all new mobile devices launching with Android 10 (and Android 9), including its Pixel devices. In other words, YouTube Music […]

Is Cybersecurity Automation The Future? 

Cyber-attacks are increasing every year, and on July 2019, 2,359,114,047 records were breached in total worldwide. The institutions attacked range from Technical Colleges, Bitcoin exchanges and even governments.  If cybersecurity teams want to remain effective, then they must begin to embrace cybersecurity automation. By automating repeatable tasks that are completed […]

‘Hundreds of millions’ of iPhones vulnerable to permanent jailbreak

‘Unpatchable’ iOS exploit could allow for a permanent jailbreak for iPhones A security researcher has released an iOS exploit for iPhone 4S through iPhone X that could potentially lead to a permanent jailbreak. axi0mX, the pretty well-known iOS hacker and cybersecurity researcher, has publicly released what he claims to be […]

Amazon unveils Echo Earbuds with Bose noise-cancellation technology

Amazon announces Echo Buds with Bose noise-cancellation technology for $129.99 Amazon marked its entry into the headphones market by unveiling hands-free ‘Echo Earbuds’ with Bose’s Active Noise Reduction technology at its annual fall event on September 25th in Seattle. Launched as a direct competitor to Apple’s AirPods and other wireless […]

Google’s recent Chrome update affected some macOS computers

Google Acknowledges Latest Chrome Update Damages macOS File System Google on Tuesday admitted that a recent Chrome update has impacted some macOS computers that is rendering them unable to boot. The issue was first discovered by film and TV editors across Los Angeles on Monday evening when their Mac Pro computers […]

Xiaomi unveils Mi MIX Alpha with a 108MP camera and ‘wraparound display’

Xiaomi launches Mi MIX Alpha with a 180.6% display ratio, 108MP camera, and 5G network Xiaomi, one of China’s leading handset makers, after some teasing, finally unveiled their second-gen “concept” smartphone – the Mi MIX Alpha. Taking the near-bezel-less phones on the market to the next level, the Mi MIX […]

How to Secure Yourself by Knowing Your Subdomains

There are domains, and there are subdomains. To those unfamiliar with subdomains, they are subdivisions of a primary domain. So if is your domain, then is a subdomain. Together, they make up the domain infrastructure of your company. As you have probably inferred from the title of this […]

India Is Planning To Adopt A China-Style Facial Recognition Program

India looking to set up one of the world’s largest facial recognition system for police India is planning to emulate China by setting up one of the world’s largest facial recognition systems for surveillance companies in a bid to improve policing throughout the country, reports Bloomberg. The government led by Prime Minister Narendra […]