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Tech for good during COVID-19: Pivots and partnerships to help people deal

Some of us have learned how to be uniquely scrappy during this pandemic. I’m talking socks as masks and chickpea water as a vegetarian egg-white replacement type of scrappy. And you will learn in this week’s installment of Tech For Good startups are no exception. Companies around the world are pivoting […]

Startups Weekly: Where social startups will get funding in the future

[Editor’s note: Want to get this free weekly recap of TechCrunch news that startups can use by email? Subscribe here.]  While consumer tech has matured as a startup category in recent years, many investors continue to be bullish on specific trends like online gaming, voice, and the unbundling of platforms in favor […]

Canalys finds PC demand surged in Q1, but shipments lagged due to supply issues

As workers moved from office to home and students moved to being educated online, demand for new PCs surged in Q1, but Canalys found that shipments actually dropped 8% in spite of this, due to COVID-19 related supply chain problems. The 8% drop was the worst since 2016 when shipments […]

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Decrypted: Zoom’s security fallout, Crowdstrike’s new CTO, Bugcrowd raises $30M

Another week in quarantine. As the world adjusts to working from home under mandatory stay-at-home orders, hackers are keeping busy. Microsoft said this week that coronavirus-related attacks are on the rise but still make up just a fraction of the overall malicious activity. Cybersecurity companies seem to be faring mostly […]

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China’s next plan to dominate international tech standards

Emily de La Bruyère Contributor Share on Twitter Emily de La Bruyère is co-founder of Horizon Advisory, a strategy consultancy focused on documenting the military, economic, and technological implications of China’s approach to global competition. Nathan Picarsic Contributor Nathan Picarsic is co-founder of Horizon Advisory, a strategy consultancy focused on […]

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Tesla’s furlough calls begin with delivery and sales taking a hit

Tesla started Friday to furlough its sales and delivery workforce — with the least experienced employees bearing the brunt of the action — days after a companywide email announced salary cuts and reductions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Several employees, who work in sales and delivery and spoke to TechCrunch […]

3D-printed ‘bionic corals’ mimic a reef’s powers of photosynthesis

The mass die-off of coral reefs is a catastrophe of global proportions, but the sheer scale of their success as organisms has lessons for science. Case in point: these 3D-printed “bionic corals” from Cambridge researchers that are more than scaffolds for fragile microorganisms — they’re built out of them. If […]

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Virgin’s VOX Space snags $35 million Space Force launch contract and prepares for final test flights

VOX Space, the Virgin space subsidiary dedicated to government launches, has scored a valuable new contract with the U.S. Space Force and is about to move from testing to full operations, the company announced today. The Space Force contract is for three launches and is valued at $35 million. The […]

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Coronavirus conspiracies like that bogus 5G claim are racing across the internet

As the U.S. and much of the world hunkers down to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, some virus-related conspiracy theories are having a heyday. Specifically, a conspiratorial false claim that 5G technology is linked to COVID-19 gained ground, accelerating from obscurity into the rattled mainstream by way of […]

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Instacart’s hiring spree continues as it faces unprecedented demand

Instacart is adding more support roles to help its shoppers, customers and retail partners as the company faces unprecedented demand for its grocery delivery services due to COVID-19 shelter in place orders. Today Instacart announced that it has doubled its Care team, from 1,200 agents to 3,000 agents. Care team […]