3 Super Cool Apps You Should Download Right Now

“The best way to create value in the 21st Century is to connect Creativity with Technology.”

~Steve Jobs

It’s officially 2018 and it seems as if everyone is rushing to their phones, iPads, and other various gadgets to find out what the new trending app is. People want flavor of the moment and efficiency. They want to know what they can download today to be ahead of the curb. The cool kids have the coolest apps right? Maybe. Not so much in my opinion. But I still love apps nonetheless. Don’t we all? But just because an application is Virtual Reality, a high resolution graphics game that makes your eyes bulge, or the newest Social Media Network App doesn’t mean it’s the best. Simplicity with apps can be everything. Here are 3 apps I’m loving right now that you probably haven’t heard of and that aren’t necessarily on all the app gossip sites. The 3rd one is just now starting to be talked about but it’s still very new. Perhaps too new even for a lot of gossip.

  1. W Hotels

Secret Hidden App Alert. (You’ve been warned)

Believe it or not this app is remarkably special for one thing:


Ever need to find a cool track to play while you’re getting ready in the morning, preparing for party guests, or fading off to sleep at night? If you’re over the Pandora and Spotifys of the world check out W Hotels Application. In addition to the super current music selection, it also allows you to book hotels, view super up to the moment lifestyle content, see photos of W Hotels around the world, and learn about events happening at various W Hotels.

But I can’t stress enough, get this app especially for their MUSIC Selection. You can pick your style and hear the various mixes they’ve found from their wide range of hotels worldwide. Trust me these soundtracks do not disappoint. Beach, living room, bed, gym, you name it. Pick your style and hear hour long continuous tracks and mixes to match your mood. Available iOS and Android.

More Information: http://theangle.whotels.com/music/


2. Turbulence Forecast


Travel a lot? Have a fear of flying? Whenever I show people on planes this application they’re stunned it even exists. An app that forecasts turbulence? What??? Yes, in fact pilots have been using turbulence forecasts for decades. It’s true. Passengers can get a look at what kind of flying conditions they may be experiencing their day of travel and even roughly pinpoint the locations it may occur. So for those of you who don’t like flying, get a little nervous when the seatbelt sign comes on or even when you hear the dreaded “Flight attendants take your seats” this app is for you.

The app also features a large variety of maps, travel advisories, radar, detailed looks at potential storms, current temperatures, pilot reports, and a wide variety of other features and options. But like the W Hotels App and music, you can’t get past the best part which is the turbulence information. It puts minds at ease. See attached photos below. I highly recommend it for the next time you travel. Available iOS and Android.

More information: https://www.turbulenceforecast.com/

Credit: Turbulence Forecast App
Credit: Turbulence Forecast App
Credit: Turbulence Forecast App
Credit: Turbulence Forecast App

3. Gabsee


Ok, so I had to throw in one especially new Futuristic / Tech application. A large variety of people read this so I have to keep some variety for everyone. I’m not necessarily thrilled about avatars and all the virtual reality gossip, but app is stellar. You can create a real-life 3D avatar of yourself. This happens with celebrities all the time. But to see a 3D version (almost like a cartoon) of yourself reading the paper, partying, working out, or having a drink is pretty think-forward and just makes one shake their head at where things are going in the crazy world of tech. See below for the various mood features within the app as well as a sample screenshot of one I did of myself. Available on iOS and Android.

More information: https://www.gabsee.com/


By Geoff Pilkington

You can connect with me on my website at www.geoffreypilkington.com

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