5 Reasons Why Google Assistant is the Future of Ai

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In my last article I mentioned that Google and Facebook are the leaders in the artificial intelligence 🤖 gold rush era 🤠 we are now living in.

I always was a Google guy, my first phone was an Android phone, I got the Chromecast went it first came out, I learned how to code watching YouTube videos and I am a Google Drive paying customer so one should read this article knowing that I have a preference for Alphabet products but in this fake news and paid influencers era please believe me I am not getting paid in any way by Google or any of its subsidiary corporations.

I have a preference for its products like any of you reading this article have his or her preference for Facebook as a social media or Apple for its products instead of Android.

Nevertheless I always try to be objective in my opinions especially in regard to artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science. In my honest opinion Google and Dialogflow will rule the Ai world in the coming years for the 5 following reasons:

Google is All-in for Ai

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In October 2017, Google CEO came out with a pretty strong Ai focused statement and said that “Google is now an Ai first company”. This announcement made clear that world’s leader in internet search engines was truly embracing the Ai revolution and that it will make establish itself as a first class leader in this technology. The acquisition of the most advanced artificial intelligence platform, API.AI, now known as Dialogflow was the first stepping stone to get from a mobile first company to an Ai first company.

Social Media Versus Digital Devices Usage

Lately, I asked the following serie of questions to every friends and family members I have:

Carl: “How much time you spend on Facebook each day ❓”

Them: “IDK 5 to 30 minutes per day, why ❓” 🤔

Carl: “You’ll see…Now how much time do you spend doing the following things:

– Interacting with a mobile device 📱

– Watching tv 📺

– Streaming music or videos on an app 🎵

– Driving your car 🚗

– Browsing on internet 💻

– Searching an answer to a question you have by googling it

Them: “Pretty much half of my day…why❓” 🤨

The time you spend using your car, browsing on the internet, watching Netflix, driving your car, interacting with your phone is much greater than the time you spend on all of your social media platforms. This mean that the opportunity Google Assistant has to capture your attention is more likely to retarget you then any other Ai platform.

In the future you will not only ask voice recognition questions to the Google Assistant with your mobile phone or with Google Home devices, you will also do the same with your car’s Internet of Things (IoT) device and with any other IoT gears such as mirrors, smart tvs, your fridge and so on.

Some Social Media are Getting Old 👴🏻

The first social media I used was Mirc, I made a lot of great friends on this social media, we would do Get Together at punk bands shows in my Quebec home state. Then came MSN Messenger, and then came the Google search engine which my father introduced to me first and then came Facebook. When I made my Facebook profile I remember that I was the only one I knew that had a Facebook profile, more than 10 years ago.

Facebook got to what we called the maturity stage in technology. It’s nothing against it, but everything in life, including corporations, get old one day. Some companies grow older quicker, some companies seems to have take a sip of the golden grail from Indiana Jones third movie with eternal life.

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In my personal opinion, Google seem much younger now than its main rival and to be honest the corporation owned by Alphabet has been much more transparent in its course of action toward artificial intelligence, to say the least, than its main competitor.

Also some of the youngest players in the Ai world are getting bright future in the Ai ecosystem,, according to a report by Global Web Index Telegram, BBM and WeChat are respectively the front runners social media with 89%, 81% and 81% active users interested in money transfer features on mobile . Money transfer is crucial for any Ai platform in order to make a interesting return on investment (ROI) for its investors.

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YouTube Star Amongst the Most Wanted Career for Primary School Students

When I was 12 years old my dream was to become the next Kurt Kobain, I learned to play bass guitar and my punk band was named No Way Out. Nowadays kids want to be the next PewDiePie and become a YouTube star.

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A couple weeks ago when I was at my parents’ house a news report mentioned that becoming a YouTube star was now one of the top 10 most wanted job for children in primary school. Why does that have anything to do with artificial intelligence?

Because technology changes have always been driven by the kids, notably because they have the biggest social channels and because they also want to affirm themselves by being different from the older generations.

Which mean that if kids want to become YouTube stars they are more than likely going to interact with Google Ai than any other digital giants wanting to get a piece of the robots age revolution.

Google Assistant Will Make Ai Friendly

I don’t know for you, but I am getting bored of texting. It is slow, inefficient and it lacks emotional warmth of a real conversation. Google Assistant not only allow you to create voice recognition Ai, it allows to be personalized the voice by selecting a male or a female voice, slowing down the pace of the Ai voice and this is only the beginning of it.

In a couple years from now kids will interact with Ai robots like they now do with their cat and their dog:

They will be active members of their family.

This prediction of the future might seem crazy to most of you right now, but my prediction about cryptocurrencies that would become the next mean of economical trade also seemed crazy 4 years ago to all my peers. At that time, Bitcoins were being traded at values of in between $200 to $800 dollars.

Will I be right again? Only time will tell.

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