A Learning Center for Culture Design

This pile of books was gifted to me last year as the seed for this learning center.

Dear Friends,

One of the major insights I gained while helping birth the

So I knew early on that a library would be needed — a place to gather the foundational collection of knowledge being generated by hundreds of book authors and thousands of researchers as they publish papers and reports. Such an undertaking would be ambitious and time-consuming, yet it would produce a valuable repository for future students and current scholars.

As part of my work in 2018 I intend to create a library for cultural evolution that will have two archives. One will be a physical collection of books gathered in one place. The other will be an online digital archive of books with links and summaries about their content. Within hours of creating a GoFundMe campaign to seed the first $1000 investment for this library, I was approached by a doctoral student in Estonia who is completing his PhD in digital humanities. His name is Oleg Sobchuk and he has volunteered to help design the information architecture for the digital repository.

I write to all of you today with this update to let you know that part of creating a research center for culture design is to build a school around it. We will have students across the spectrum of their educational levels who come to learn and practice with us. And it will be these people who represent the field of culture design as it is born through them as thinkers, educators, scientists, and social change practitioners.

Please contribute to this library in whatever manner you are capable. You can contribute financially on the GoFundMe page. If that’s not within your capacities (I know how difficult the world is financially these days!), please help spread the word by sharing the campaign link with your networks. And also ponder whether you might have books to donate or know scholars who may have collections they are willing to donate to build the physical library from existing pools of knowledge.

I look forward to building big things with all of you in 2018!

Onward, fellow humans.

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