AI’s Gift: Rethinking the Purpose of Work

Artificial intelligence has been hailed as to see the truth of this. We will transition back to maintenance mode and stop driving for a more ideal end state.

“‘Tis with governments as with individuals, first impressions and early habits give a lasting bias to the temper and character.” — Alexander Hamilton, letter from Phocion

And our best hope at redefining purpose in this brief window may be design thinking, which is a process for understanding people, asking the right questions, encouraging outside-the-box thinking, and iterating through solutions quickly. Crucially, the process does not begin by searching for solutions to problems, but rather by crafting various perspectives to find the underlying problems. The final result is human-centered products, services, and ideas.

And there is no problem more in need of a human-centered solution than finding purpose in an AI/UBI–powered world. Design thinking will not guarantee a perfect future, but it will guarantee a more empathetic one.

That is the gift of AI: our best chance to redefine our purpose.

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