14 Best Android Apps You Must Install In 2018

With so many android apps out there, it is important to streamline the best android apps you really need.

Google Play Store is home to more than 3.5 million Android apps and that list is going to keep increasing. The truth is, more than half of them are important. But do you need all android apps? Definitely not. The apps you download usually depend on the type of person you are and your habits. There are also Android apps with similar functionalities and it would be a waste of time to attempt to try them all.

We have simplified this problem for you. To best serve your interest, we have classified the top android apps into categories like movies, music, travel, and so on. These are also some of the essential android apps you need on your mobile device in 2018.

There are certain apps that are mainstay apps in our everyday android or ios lives like Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Spotify and the likes. We’ll be leaving such android apps out of this list.

New Apps You Need To Try This 2018

1. Goodreads

14 Best Android Apps You Must Own In 2018

Are you into books? Do you like reading digitally? Then this app is a must-have. You can discover new titles, post reviews, read reviews, discuss meanings, and top it all, compile a reading list. Our favorite functionality is the Scanner. You can scan the barcode on a book you own and add it to your collection of a virtual bookcase.

2. HappyCow

14 Best Android Apps You Must Own In 2018

This is quickly going to become a vegetarian favorite. If you’re a vegetarian or you’re trying to be gluten free and you are in an unfamiliar territory, finding a suitable restaurant can be tricky. HappyCow then should be the app for you. The app lists vegetarian and vegan restaurants, stores and cafes. You are also able to choose filters to suit your diet and of course, find a location close to your proximity to directions.

3. FilmoraGo

14 Best Android Apps You Must Own In 2018

Editing videos on the go from our mobile Android devices are fast becoming a trend. If you are a fan, you definitely want to check out this powerful app. This app strikes a good balance between accessibility and features. It is a slightly more advanced video editing app but still offers the basics like trimming, transitions, adding music and cropping. The user interface is also quite friendly.

Best Android Apps: Music

4. Apple Music

14 Best Android Apps You Must Own In 2018

One of Apple’s first unsurprising forays into android development. Apple music brings to android the features of its popular iOS streaming service and its impressive musical catalog. It also comes with Apple’s popular Beats 1 radio station along with celebrity DJs and exclusive album streams. iPad and Mac users with an android phone have been clamoring for this app, plus it’s also a way of offering the android family a taste of their Musical pie.

There are still a few bugs to fix, but we expect the app to become fully functional in the coming months.

5. BlackPlayer

14 Best Android Apps You Must Own In 2018

No doubt streaming services are taking over the music world, but if you still keep music locally, you should check out BlackPlayer. It features a Discover option; this continuously shuffles through 10-second previews of your most played tracks, until you decide on your next listen. It also comes with tons of customization options to recreate the music app in your own image. It also features a built-in tag editor and now playing notifications.

Best Android Apps: Movies

6. Netflix

14 Best Android Apps You Must Own In 2018

Netflix is arguably one of the best and most popular streaming services. It offers a huge collection of movies and TV shows along with a user interface and performance to match the hype. Starting at a meager $8 a month, Netflix is a must-have on any android device.

7. Hulu

14 Best Android Apps You Must Own In 2018

Hulu, much like Netflix offers thousands of Movies and TV shows. A lot of the TV shows have episodes updated immediately after they air. The subscription also starts at $8 a month, another subscription allows mid-stream ads be removed at $12 a month.

8. Crunchyroll

14 Best Android Apps You Must Own In 2018

Are you an anime fan? Then this streaming service is for you. Crunchyroll spoils anime fans with a choice. And with an extensive backlist of popular anime; this app is currently unrivaled in the anime streaming service. The app also updates new episodes shortly after they debut in Japan.

9. HBO

14 Best Android Apps You Must Own In 2018


Both HBO services, HBO Now (the standalone service at $15/month) and HBO Go (the streaming app available to HBO cable subscribers) now have apps that give you access to all of HBO’s streaming content directly on your mobile device.

Best Android Apps: Travel

10 1weather

14 Best Android Apps You Must Own In 2018

1weather is by far the best weather app out there. Featuring a simple minimalist design that shows the current weather, a radar, forecast (available for up to an amazing 12weeks) amongst other cool features. It’s no wonder 1weather is fast becoming the go-to weather app on Android devices. It also features a fun facts segment and it’s also lightly customizable. The app is relatively free, although ads can be removed a meager $1.99 charge.

11. Google Maps

14 Best Android Apps You Must Own In 2018

Google Maps has for some time been the best android app ever so it doesn’t need much introduction. The Waze experience is probably the coolest feature on the app now. Aside from the basic features, Google Maps grants you access to traffic idea, places of interest, direction to places like rest stops or gas stations. You can even temporarily have offline maps.

Best Android Apps: Productivity

12. Google Drive Suite

14 Best Android Apps You Must Own In 2018

Most people have probably heard about Google Drive and that new users get a whopping 15GB of storage space for free and that you can buy more if needed. But what makes Google Drive so special are the other suites of Android apps it comes with it.  They are Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Photos, Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Keep.

13.  LastPass Password Manager

14 Best Android Apps You Must Own In 2018

This password manager allows you to save your login credentials in a very safe and secure way. You can also generate neat random passwords for use on your accounts. Along with its mother app, LastPass Authenticator, it is very secure. It is cross-platform compatible so you can use on mobile devices, computers, tablets and more. LastPass feels a step ahead of its competitors.

14. Solid Explorer

14 Best Android Apps You Must Own In 2018

Solid Explorer is probably the most powerful android file browser out there. Everyone in one way or another has to deal with File Browsing and sorting, why not do so with the best? With features like archiving support, friendly user interface, cloud services support, along with powerful tools like FTP, SFTP, WebDAV and SMB/CIFS, it’s no surprise it is currently unrivaled.

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