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Boston Dynamics Robot Fighting Back Against Humans Video Is Completely Fake

Boston Dynamics is a well-known American engineering and robotics design company. Recently, Boston Dynamics published a video that showcased a robot fighting back against humans. As you might have guessed, the video went viral and at first sight, it seems threatening as well. Well, the entire video was a parody […]

Cellebrite claims that it can unlock any iPhone or iPad for police

Cellebrite says that it can unlock any iOS and high-end Android devices for law enforcement agencies Cellebrite recently announced on Twitter that the newest version of its product called Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED) has the capability to “unlock and extract crucial mobile phone evidence from all iOS and high-end […]

Adobe develops AI tool that detects facial manipulations in Photoshop

Adobe unveils a new AI tool that can detect photoshopped faces Adobe in collaboration with researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that can detect whether images, videos, audios, and documents have been manipulated using Photoshop software. In other words, the AI tool […]

Huawei Might Use Sailfish OS Fork As Its Android Alternative

The past few weeks have been pretty rough for Huawei. This Chinese multinational technology company lost all business relationships with major US tech firms like Google, Microsoft, and many more. Well, Huawei will soon come up with its operating system. That said, a few reliable sources suggest that Huawei is […]

10-Year jail for buying or selling of cryptocurrency in India, Report

India proposes a draft bill suggesting 10-year prison term for holding or dealing in cryptocurrency If you are involved in holding, selling or dealing in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum in India, then you may want to think twice, as you could land yourself in jail for 10 years for doing […]

Amazon’s Prime Air drone to start shipping packages “within months”

Amazon will soon start using Prime Air drones to deliver packages in 30 minutes Jeff Wilke, CEO of Amazon’s Worldwide Consumer Division, showcased its latest and next-gen all-electric Prime Air drone at Amazon’s re: MARS Conference (Machine Learning, Automation, Robotics, and Space) at Las Vegas, NV on Wednesday. The new hexagon-shaped […]

YouTuber jailed for giving toothpaste filled Oreo biscuits to a homeless man

YouTuber in Spain sentenced to 15 months in prison for stuffing Oreos with toothpaste A Spanish YouTuber has been sentenced to 15 months in prison for posting a video that shows him offering a homeless man Oreo biscuits filled with toothpaste, according to the New York Times. Kanghua Ren, who was […]

‘League Of Legends’ Game Could Soon Be Available On Smartphones

Tencent and Riot Games reportedly working on the mobile version of ‘League of Legends’ Popular game developer Tencent Holdings Ltd. is planning to come out with the mobile version of renowned desktop-based game ‘League of Legends’, reported Reuters citing unnamed sources knowledgeable about the matter. Tencent Holdings in China is working […]

Google stored passwords of G Suite users’ in plain text for 14 years

Google reveals G Suite users’ passwords were stored in plain text for over a decade Search giant Google has admitted that the company accidentally stored G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps) users’ passwords in plain text on its internal servers for 14 years. Suzanne Frey, Google Cloud Trust’s Vice […]

TRAI to regulate Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, SonyLIV very soon

Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video and other OTT platforms to be regulated by TRAI Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is considering putting OTT (over-the-top) applications that stream TV channels like  SonyLIV, Hotstar, VOOT, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Airtel TV, under the realm of a regulatory framework. For those unaware, […]