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Android Studio 3.6

Posted by Scott Swarthout, Product Manager We are excited to announce the stable release of Android Studio 3.6 with a targeted set of features addressing quality in primarily code editing and debugging use cases. This is our first release after the end of Project Marble, which was focused on making […]

How to Disable Software Reporter tool in Windows 10 PC

Google Chrome accounts for over 64% of Internet usage across the world, according to a report by Statcounter. The web browser has been blamed for high CPU usage and RAM usage, which leads to slowing down Windows PCs for quite some time now. Opening over half a dozen tabs in […]

Microsoft’s Defender Released on Linux; Coming To Android And iOS

With the advent of Windows 10, Microsoft introduced Microsoft Defender ATP to address the age-old security issues associated with Windows OS. Nifty features like Real-time protection, Clous-delivered protection, Tamper protection, and Automatic sample submission have Microsoft Defender one of the best Antivirus programs. As you might know, last year Microsoft […]

Native Dependencies in Android Studio 4.0

By Dan Albert, Software Engineer One thing that NDK users struggle with is managing native dependencies: Library authors need to maintain support for both ndk-build and CMake (and hope that their users are using one of those two options and not something else). Libraries don’t always distribute prebuilt binaries for […]

Best Chrome Flags for Windows, Mac and Android

Google keeps adding new features to Chrome periodically at an unfavorable pace. Users often add extensions to get extra functionality on the web browser. Using the best Chrome flags for you can add more features to your browser as well, on an experimental basis. What are Chrome Flags? Chrome flags […]

Google Relaunches Homework-Assistance AI App ‘Socratic’ On Android

Socratic, a mobile-based learning app, has been re-released on the Google Play Store for Android devices with artificial intelligence (AI) backed enhancements. This AI-based app is designed to provide high school and college students everything they need in one place. Socratic was initially released for Android in 2017, which was […]

Turning it up to 11: the first Developer Preview of Android 11

Posted by Dave Burke, VP of Engineering Android has led the way towards the future of mobile, with new technologies like 5G to foldable displays to machine learning built into the core. A hallmark of our approach is a strong developer community that provides early and thoughtful feedback, helping us […]

Safer and More Transparent Access to User Location

Posted by Krish Vitaldevara, Director of Product Management Trust & Safety, Google Play Last year, we made several changes to our platform and policies to increase user trust and safety. We’re proud of the work we’ve done to improve family safety, limit use of sensitive permissions, and catch bad actors […]

Repair SD card not Showing up on Desktop/in Finder/in Disk Utility?

If you are a photographer, blogger or anybody who takes a lot of pictures and videos, you must be very familiar with SD cards. SD cards are used as extended storage for cameras, tablets, mobile phones, and other digital devices.  They are light weight and compatible with different devices, so […]

How To Unblock Adobe Flash Player In Chrome, Firefox and Safari

What started as a project for vector drawing application on the screen turned into a full-fledged interactive media tool that could be used to stream audio, videos, and animations. It brought Internet users into the age of online games, entertainment applications, and animations on web pages that previously felt incomplete. […]