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How Gesture Control Will Transform Our Devices

The ability to control devices with gestures alone has a broad range of applications in IoT and beyond. Touch-less Natural User Interface Natural User Interface (NUI) let users quickly immerse in applications and master control with minimum learning. It is critically important for AR/VR applications and ambient intelligence systems. In burgeoning […]

Liberty Mutual Total Home Score

Visualizing data for homebuyers in 3D By: Angelina Calderon Liberty Mutual’s innovation team, Solaria Labs, recently launched Total Home Score to help homebuyers evaluate the ‘hidden’ livability factors associated with a home or apartment before they move in. The product currently offers a Road Score, which measures the prevalence of aggressive and […]

Diagnose and understand your app’s GPU behavior with GAPID

Posted by Andrew Woloszyn, Software Engineer Developing for 3D is complicated. Whether you’re using a native graphics API or enlisting the help of your favorite game engine, there are thousands of graphics commands that have to come together perfectly to produce beautiful 3D images on your phone, desktop or VR […]