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Staged releases allow you to bring new features to your users quickly, safely and regularly.

Posted by Peter Armitage, Software Engineer, Google Play Releasing a new version of your app is an exciting moment when your team’s hard work finally gets into the hands of your users. However, releasing can also be challenging – you want to keep your existing users happy without introducing performance […]

Go To Statement Did Nothing Wrong

Go To Statement Considered Harmful You probably shouldn’t use goto statements in your code. The main reason you shouldn’t use them is because they make some people freak out. They’ve just heard that it’s harmful. That’s all they know. There’s a lot of things like that in life — maybe most things are […]

Women and mobile games: learnings for developers

The market opportunity in making mobile gaming more diverse, more inclusive, and more engaging There are now over two billion active Android devices which means more people are playing mobile games than ever before. The growth of the mobile games audience had led to an expansion of diversity in characteristics, needs, […]

Announcing Architecture Components 1.0 Stable

Posted by Lukas Bergstrom, Product Manager, Android Developer Frameworks Team Android runs on billions of devices, from high-end phones to airplane seatbacks. The Android OS manages resources aggressively to perform well on this huge range of devices, and sometimes that can make building robust apps complicated. To make it easier, […]