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Guide on Purchasing the Best Vape Cigarette

It is now more evident that Vapes, e-cigs or electronic cigarettes as they’re called in full, have a variety of advantages over the traditional cigarettes. Vaping is more advantageous in a number of ways over smoking, especially when it comes to health safety, presentability, and convenience. Even though research suggests […]

Guide to Improve Functionality and Speed of your WordPress

Robust WordPress websites mean business. We cannot emphasize more on the need of having a website that really serves the purpose of its being; maximum uptime/availability to visitors from around the globe, seamless navigation, an appearance that drives traffic, and speed. Without a doubt, a website’s speed or its loading […]

Information passing in Python (Pass by object reference)

Hello, reader! Are function calls “pass-by-value” or “pass-by-reference” in python? If you have ever used functions in python, this doubt would have come to your mind. This post aims to simplify the commonly used answer, “Object references are passed by value.”, and explain the concept from the basics. Prerequisite knowledge: 1. Everything […]