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How is AI transforming customer support services by providing smart & seamless solutions?

Customers nowadays expect faster, better and smarter support for their queries. According to Gartner, non-voice customer support interactions will rise to about 85% by 2020 from 55% in 2015. More people will seek automated solutions for their queries without human interaction paving way for AI-powered customer support services. Round-the-clock Customer […]

How Incumbents Can Use AI To Fend Off Disruptors.

Using Data To Improve Customer Experiences and Interactions User Experience Fails OldCo One area where incumbent companies continue to lose against their upstart disruptors is in the area of user/customer experience. It’s actually the wedge disruptors use to insert themselves into the relationship between the customer and the old provider/incumbent. It’s […]

Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) To Augment Your Employees. Work has always been about solving problems. The best businesses solve problems for their customers better than the competition. The employees at these companies wonder about how to increase revenue, how to reduce expenses, how to efficiently deliver products to the customer etc. The tools with which we’ve solved […]

“User Experience, Security, And Customer Service: One User’s Journey”

Intruders can get in, and customer service suffers, when there is to much generality surrounding users and usage. I must mention at the outset that this situation has been resolved — don’t want deep pocketed corporations trying to sue me, but as a user experience practitioner, and a citizen, I am becoming increasingly […]