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Simplifying The Analytic Process — TAP #12

The Transmogrification Of Your Data… Hidden In Plain Sight If you’ve been following along in the series, you know that we use an (I) to indicate the information phase of The Analytic Process (TAP). You also know that each of our phases has its own letter. You could say we are […]

Simplifying The Analytic Process — TAP #11

Reflections are often more flawed than the model. (O) Reflecting On The Model A little over a month and ten articles ago, I introduced a simplified model of analytics. It has been very well received. But is it any good? In hindsight, I made the only claims that one should about a model. […]

Simplifying The Analytic Process — TAP #10

Digging Deeper Into Information & Data Looking back, we took a trip through the various steps of The Analytic Process (TAP). Reinforcing our last article, we are going to ask a good analytic question. How do you start working with Information & Data (I)? And drawing on prior experience and hindsight, you […]

Simplifying The Analytic Process — PT 8

Looking Backward, Inward, and Forward As we return to this series, let me note that there is nothing new here. We have covered this before, only we didn’t specifically call it out. If you go back to our original article, you will see that we have been using this perspective all […]

Simplifying The Analytic Process — pt 6

Decisions, decisions, decisions One can claim that the Analytic Process is all about a lot of things. My preference is learning, but many would tell you that it is decision-making. Making decision is the most direct point of this process and shorter term, the most significant point for most businesses. […]

If You Want To Have The Most Fun With Your Data, You’ve Got To TAP It

Hammer, Lederhosen, and Spaten are completely optional While this article is a little late (or early) for Oktoberfest, it seemed a fitting metaphor. Perhaps no where else on Earth is the tap so celebrated. Such a simple device. Such a simple word. Though it has a lot of uses… Tap is […]

Simplifying The Analytic Process — Pt 5

Organization OR Mapping The Sorted Details In earlier articles, we talked through the steps involved in developing a great analytic question, investigating data, and the process required to further develop it. Now we enter the next phase — organization. It is a process that takes two distinct paths. Sorting It All Out The first path […]

Simplifying The Analytic Process — Pt 4

Pattern, Processes, Procedures, and Problem Solving In our last article, we covered the investigation of inputs and discovery of data that feeds the information portions of analytics. It was the first step in our process and one that is highly dependent on this next step; aptly named — process. analytics is only true/reliable […]

Simplifying The Analytic Process — Pt 2

How To Begin In our opening article, we defined analytics as — the scientific discipline of developing reliable insight We also noted that in subsequent articles we will detail How To Break It Down and shared our silly acronym/mnemonic. We also made the claim that – it takes the analytic process to teach the […]

Simplifying The Analytic Process

Part 1 — Defining It For decades I organized analytic shops based on function. It was never a popular decision. However, the outcomes spoke for themselves. My teams lasted. They generated strong outcomes. They were ROI positive. They were “go to” groups with tremendous reputations. My detractors, competitors, and second guessers organized competing […]