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What and why of Big data analytics: Part II

Big data isn’t just about large data sets. Big data was never meant to be only about the size of the data. In addition to data volume, the variety and velocity of data are necessary to understand why and how information can be analyzed, captured and learned from. Big data […]

What and why of Big data analytics: Part I

Smarter technology has paved the way for the instrumentation of just about everything from cash machines, superhighways, oceangoing vessels to refrigerators. Mobile technology has become pervasive, irretrievably ingrained in the way we live and work. The results have been life-changing, smarter cities, more productive workforces, healthcare advances, education reform, and […]

Building and Leveraging an Event-Based Data Model for Analyzing Online Data

2017 and beyond, you should only be using an event-based data model.. If you are not, your agility may be severely limited If you’re interested enough in this topic, you’re probably savvy enough to know that collecting and analyzing events is your information superhighway to understanding how your users interact with […]