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Introduction to Recommender System. Part 1 (Collaborative Filtering, Singular Value Decomposition) 1. Introduction A recommender system refers to a system that is capable of predicting the future preference of a set of items for a user, and recommend the top items. One key reason why we need a recommender system in modern society is that people have too much options […]

8 Deep Learning Best Practices I Learned About in 2017

Something I was really happy about accomplishing in 2017 was getting more practically involved with modern AI. I’ve studied a lot of math, which has certainly been fun, but haven’t done any practical projects, and therefore have nothing to show for my efforts. To remedy this, in April, I applied […]

Collaborative Filtering and Embeddings — Part 2

Movie embeddings In to reduce overfitting. Also we have to define the dimension of our embedding vector. #fastai functioncf = CollabFilterDataset.from_csv(path, ‘ratings.csv’, ‘userId’, ‘movieId’, ‘rating’) #creating a custom data loader Now we have to create a data object for collaborative filtering. Think of it as something which will transform your […]

Collaborative Filtering and Embeddings — Part 1

Recommendation systems are all around us. From Netflix to Amazon to even Medium, everyone is trying to understand our taste so that they can drive us into continuous engagement. You’ll be amazed by the amount of work that goes behind this. Let’s try to understand the mechanics of one such […]