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Building a Deep Neural Net In Google Sheets

I want to show you that Deep Convolutional Neural Nets are not nearly as intimidating as they sound. And I’ll prove it by showing you an implementation of one that I made in Google Sheets. It’s available here. Copy it (use the File → Make a copy option in top […]

Convolutional Neural Networks For All | Part II

The mentor-curated study guide to summarize all lectures from the Coursera Deep Learning Specialization course 4 If you’re not a Deep Learning expert, chances are that the Coursera Convolutional Neural Networks course kicked your behind. So much information, so many complex theories covered in such a short time! Countless times pausing […]

Only Numpy: Implementing Mini VGG (VGG 7) and SoftMax Layer with Interactive Code

Picture from Pixel Bay I wanted to practice my Back Propagation skills on Convolutional Neural Network. And I wanted to implement my own VGG net (from original paper “Very Deep Convolutional Networks for Large-Scale Image Recognition”) for sometime now, so today I decided to combine those two needs. If you are not […]

MIT 6.S094: Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars 2018 Lecture 4 Notes: Computer Vision

You can find me on Twitter @bhutanisanyam1, connect with me on Linkedin hereHere and Here are two articles on my Learning Path to Self Driving Cars You can find the Markdown File Here You can find the Lecture 1 Notes hereLecture 2 Notes can be found hereLecture 3 Notes can be found here […]

Understanding AttnGAN: Text-to-Image convertor

Text-to-image conversion has always fascinated me, and the recent AttnGAN paper caught my attention. In this post I try to provide an intuition for their work, and hopefully get you curious enough to dig further :-). Before we get to the actual model, some prerequisities: 1. Attention To avoid reinventing the […]

First time with Kaggle: A ConvNet to classify toxic comments with Keras

Work has been slow in the first week of the year, so I decided to try my hand at a Kaggle competition for the first time (yeah I know I am late to the party). After signing up and looking around, I ended up on the Jigsaw Toxic Comment Classification […]

Transfer learning with MXNet Gluon

A year ago, I started learning neural network with Tensorflow. The journey is not as smooth as I thought. Thanks to Andrew Ng’s online course and several books, I have a basic understand of the theory, however, when I try to apply it in real-life projects, the syntax and api […]

A deeper understanding of NNets (Part 1) — CNNs

Introduction Deep Learning and AI were the buzz words for 2016; by the end of 2017, they have become more frequent and more confusing. So lets try and understand everything one at a time. We will look into the heart of Deep Learning i.e. Neural Networks (NNets). Most variants of […]

Understanding how Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) perform text classification with word…

Understanding how Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) perform text classification with word embeddings CNN has been successful in various text classification tasks. In [1], the author showed that a simple CNN with little hyperparameter tuning and static vectors achieves excellent results on multiple benchmarks — improving upon the state of the art on […]