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The Who’s Who Of Machine Learning, And Why You Should Know Them

If you are a machine learning enthusiast , or even planing on getting into the field soon. THIS IS YOUR TIME. Why you ask? Take any aspect of AI that’s been gaining momentum lately. The guy who MADE the algorithm is probably doing research on it somewhere in silicon valley right now. Needless […]

Convolutional Neural Networks For All | Part II

The mentor-curated study guide to summarize all lectures from the Coursera Deep Learning Specialization course 4 If you’re not a Deep Learning expert, chances are that the Coursera Convolutional Neural Networks course kicked your behind. So much information, so many complex theories covered in such a short time! Countless times pausing […]

My First Step Into Machine Learning

A guide to anyone who wants to learn machine learning from scratch, based on my experiences. The fashion MNIST data set on kaggle A few months back is when i started hearing a lot about machine learning and ai, I thought it was something that only M-Tech students and researchers dealt […]

Coursera vs Udacity for Machine Learning

Udacity’s Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree Thumbnail 2018 is an exciting time for students of machine learning. There is a wealth of readily available educational materials, and the industry’s importance only continues to grow. That said, with so many easily accessible resources, choosing the right fit for your interests can be […]

What is the most effective way to structure a data science team?

From 2012 to 2017, I had the privilege to build the Data and Analytics organization at Coursera from scratch. Over that period of time, we experimented with a variety of different team structures as the company grew in size and the business evolved (see also this blog post or this […]