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Analysis and Classification of RR Lyrae Variable Stars

Part 1: Introduction and Analysis To the Northern Sky, beyond the gigantic swarms of stardust in the Milky Way Galaxy, lies the Lyra Constellation of Stars[1]. This is a relatively smaller constellation comprising of some of the oldest stars in the galaxy and home of the famous RR Lyrae ‘Variable’ Star. […]

Just another AI trying to predict the stock market: Part 2

In this section, I will show you how to train model using the data from Part 1. We picked a list with the S&P500 index price for every day during the last 50 years and did some modifications over it. Now we are going to train our model so it […]

Personality: An important variable for machine learning models?

In this world of machine learning, every firm is trying to implement different predictive models to know how their customers will behave in future. In this article, let us try to focus on a typical problem that is being faced by almost every financial institution i.e. to classify default and […]

Just another AI trying to predict the stock market: Part 1

Learning how to build Machine learning models is neither a straightforward, nor an easy task. I spent the last month or so learning how neural networks work in details and what makes certain models perform better than others. Now I decided to put my knowledge into practice and implement a fairly […]

What and why of Big data analytics: Part II

Big data isn’t just about large data sets. Big data was never meant to be only about the size of the data. In addition to data volume, the variety and velocity of data are necessary to understand why and how information can be analyzed, captured and learned from. Big data […]

What and why of Big data analytics: Part I

Smarter technology has paved the way for the instrumentation of just about everything from cash machines, superhighways, oceangoing vessels to refrigerators. Mobile technology has become pervasive, irretrievably ingrained in the way we live and work. The results have been life-changing, smarter cities, more productive workforces, healthcare advances, education reform, and […]

How to Transform Boring and Dry Reports with Data Visualization

Studies show that one of the most fundamental ways to help people today cope with information overload is to visualize it. In layman’s terms, this means drawing it out as a graph, plotting it on a map or even using data to create an interactive diagram. By mapping out data […]

Data Reveals: What Makes a Ted Talk Popular?

Have you ever wondered what makes some TED talks more popular than others? Well, I’ve analyzed a dataset of 2550 ted talks to get some answers for this question. I explored which of the available variables of a given talk, such as the number of comments, number of languages translated, duration […]

How Similar is the Crypto-Bubble to the Dot-Com Bubble?

An analytical comparison between two waves of irrational exuberance. In the era of bitcoin and blockchain, the late bandwagoners of the dot-com bubble believe they’ve been gifted a second chance at striking rich. As a result, cryptocurrencies have been subject to the same variety of rampant, “irrational exuberance” described by […]

Data analysis has a serious Last Mile problem

Sir Edmund Hillary wouldn’t have made it up Everest without Tenzing Norgay. A quick and simple explanation of a very important issue. In order to innovate, business managers/doctors/researchers need to ask critical, detailed questions about their customers/patients/subjects, respectively — but their analytics dashboards are only giving them the same old KPIs and visualizations. […]