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Super Simple Machine Learning — Simple Linear Regression Part 1 [Concept and R]

Before We Begin…. A Rant: I’m terrible at statistics. I probably shouldn’t be typing this online where it will be documented for all eternity, and possibly be used against me sometime in my career, but I am as honest as I am foolish, so I will just come out and say it: […]

Super Simple Machine Learning — Simple Linear Regression Part 3 [Validation]

This is the last part for Simple Linear Regression. Read Part 1 and Part 2 first. This took a long time to write because this part bores me immensely, so I kept getting up to open and close the fridge and do other asinine things. Also I have an undying hatred […]

Show me what you Google, I tell you who you are

Analyzing my own Google Search History from 2009–2016 About a year ago, I largely stopped using Google, replacing it with duckduckgo, a search engine that doesn’t track and as a nice bonus, always shows you the first answer on StackOverflow without navigating to SO. Before I quit Google and many of […]