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The stages of the data organization

Background As someone who has been researching and took part in shaping up data organization within various startups of different stages, sizes, and industries, I find this an interesting challenge to be focused on in the early stage most of the time. Making the right decision on this front will […]

Functional Data Engineering — a modern paradigm for batch data processing

Batch data processing — historically known as ETL — is extremely challenging. It’s time-consuming, brittle, and often unrewarding. Not only that, it’s hard to operate, evolve, and troubleshoot. In this post, we’ll explore how applying the functional programming paradigm to data engineering can bring a lot of clarity to the process. This post distills […]

Becoming a Data Engineer

As I explained in previous articles, I am a Software Engineer working at HelloFresh. I have been with the company for five years so far. Before HelloFresh and in this company I had different roles. I started my career as a web developer doing everything, something that nowadays is called […]