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How Much Are You Worth in the Online Data Economy?

Social networks, credit agencies, and criminals all put a price on our data, but do we realize how pervasive the system is? You get nothing for nothing. If you’re not paying for it, you’re not the customer — you’re the product being sold. Such warnings have echoed over the centuries. From the folksy French […]

Setting Up Twitter for Text mining in R.

Photo Credit : Pixabay Introduction Over the years, social media has become a hot spot for data mining. Every day there are always topics trending, campaigns running and groups of people discussing different global, continental or national issues.This is a major target to harness data. In this article, we focus on Twitter as […]

Big Data: What is Web Scraping and how to use it

What is web scraping? It is essential for gathering Big Data sets, which are the cornerstone of Big Data analytics, Machine Learning (ML) and tutoring the Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms. The hard point is that information is the most valuable commodity in the world (after time, as you cannot buy […]

Deep Learning summary for 2017: Machine Perception Developments

In one of our recent articles we told about the advances in Deep Learning text and speech applications. An equally prominent domain is the DL algorithms for machine perception. Machine perception is the field of deep learning study related to machines not merely reading the pictures, like the computer vision […]

Deep Learning summary for 2017: Text and Speech Applications

Deep Learning is disrupting many industries, and yours might not be an exception. Learn of the most notable deep learning projects of 2017 and ride the wave, or risk being rolled over… Deep Learning (DL) has long crossed the traditional boundaries. Various DL projects are launched in the domains from medical […]

5 critical success factors for Big Data mining

Successful Big Data mining relies on the correct analytical model, choosing the relevant data sources, receiving worthy results and using them to ensure the positive end-users’ experience. Big Data mining is a permanent activity of specifying the desired business goals, choosing the correct data sources, gathering the relevant information and […]

Data Mining in Brief

Data mining is a very popular topic nowadays. Unlike a few years ago, everything is bind with data now and we are capable of handling these kinds of large data well. By collecting and inspecting these data, people were able to discover some patterns. Even the whole data set is a […]