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Weekly Selection — Feb 9, 2018

Family fun with deepfakes. Or how I got my wife onto the Tonight Show by Sven Charleer — 5 min read The deepfakes app is a deep learning algorithm that learns how to reconstruct faces. Give it a bunch of pictures, let it run a few hours, and it spits out fuzzy copies of […]

Weekly Selection — Feb 2, 2018

Simulating TI Qualifications Through DPC by Elvan Aydemir — 12 min read When I found out about FATA’s illness during ESL One Genting, it was the middle of the night in my timezone. I was still half asleep when the text arrived, so while still kind of dreaming, I thought about building a statistical […]

Weekly Selection — Jan 26, 2018

Handwriting recognition using Tensorflow and Keras By Priya Dwivedi — 4 min read Handwriting recognition aka classifying each handwritten document by its writer is a challenging problem due to huge variation in individual writing styles. My journey into Deep Learning By Favio Vázquez — 8 min read. In this post I’ll share how I’ve been studying Deep Learning and […]

Weekly Selection — Jan 12, 2018

Building a co-occurrence matrix with d3 to analyze overlapping topics in dissertations by Déborah Mesquita — 7 min read The goal of my master’s degree research is to spark new collaboration opportunities between researchers from different fields. But before doing that I need to take a step back and see if there is […]

January Edition: Self-Driving Cars

10 Must-Read Articles Understanding SSD MultiBox — Real-Time Object Detection In Deep Learning By Eddie Forson — 11 min read. Since AlexNet took the research world by storm at the 2012 ImageNet Large-Scale Visual Recognition Challenge (ILSVRC), deep learning has become the go-to method for image recognition tasks, far surpassing more traditional computer vision methods used […]

Weekly Selection — Jan 5, 2018

Information Planning and Naive Bayes by Vadim Smolyakov — 7 min read Information planning involves making decisions based on information measures. Information planning is closely related to active learning [1] and optimum experiment design [2] in which labeled data is expensive to obtain. Web based voice command recognition by Boris Smus — 7 min read. Last time we […]

Weekly Selection — Dec 15, 2017

Grow Your Own Experts by Lucian Lita — 5 min read If you find yourself in this predicament, consider this: your hiring criteria may be off and your candidate pool may be too narrow. Youtube Views Predictor by Aravind Srinivasan — 10 min read Over the past 5 years YouTube has paid out more than $5 billion to […]

Weekly Selection — Dec 8, 2017

Candid thoughts on “The Simulation Hypothesis” from Top AI Researchers by Danny Hernandez — 4 min read I probed AI scientists in a dark room at TITS, a pre NIPS party, on some of their deepest intentions and beliefs. Data For Black Lives: the inaugural conference held at MIT by Jamelle Watson-Daniels — 8 min read We have […]