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A gentle guide to Tidy statistics in R (part 2)

While data analysis in R can seem intimidating, we will explore how to use it effectively and clearly! Part 1 starts you on the journey of running your statistics in R code. Introduction After a great discussion started by Jesse Maegan (@kiersi) on Twitter, I decided to post a workthrough of some […]

Password Analysis

In late 2016, two databases containing millions of credentials were made public — AntiPublic Combo List and Combo List. These databases contain a combination of usernames/ email addresses and passwords from different online services. BinaryEdge presented me with the chance to do a full analysis on the content of these databases. […]

Frustrations with DataViz Tools

Slide rule (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Keenan Berry) I’m frustrated by the scope of tools currently available for data visualization work. They’re rapidly proliferating, but often are trying to solve exactly the same problems, and tackle them from similar angles. Some use-cases are really well covered, but […]

Visualizing the rule of law

We recently worked with the World Justice Project to update the Rule of Law Index. The Rule of Law Index tracks how the rule of law is experienced and perceived in more than a 100 countries. Originally built in 2014 on backbone.js, the app has aged pretty well. Back then, […]

The Secret Life of Instant Noodles

In post-World War II food-short Japan, an inventor turned traditional ramen into instant noodles, which then spread to other parts of Asia and other parts of the world. Many years later, a ramenphile started theramenrater site reviewing more than 2000 instant ramen. While it doesn’t cover everything, the dataset still contains […]

Bruises — The Data We Don’t See

Clinical records alone hardly capture the impact the illness of a child has on a family. This is how we used music and art to understand and communicate the information that was missing. Giorgia Lupi and Kaki King — Bruises: The Data We Don’t See In early August 2017, my friend and collaborator Kaki — acclaimed […]

How to Transform Boring and Dry Reports with Data Visualization

Studies show that one of the most fundamental ways to help people today cope with information overload is to visualize it. In layman’s terms, this means drawing it out as a graph, plotting it on a map or even using data to create an interactive diagram. By mapping out data […]

What is the Pizza Capital of the US?

When it comes to restaurants, every US city has a unique identity. Austin, TX is renowned for its BBQ. New York City is densely packed with pizza-by-the-slice. San Francisco and LA compete on taqueria prestige. Using Google data, visualized by Google News Lab with design studio Polygraph, we can begin […]

Chart 2.6 — a lot of new visualizations, negative values and more flexible parameters

Since the first public launch of the Chart, 2 months have passed and I came to you with some new features and plans for the future. I’ve worked hard on some new types of data visualizations and I’m glad to introduce them, in Chart 2.6 you can see: Pie Chart and […]

Data Curious 2017 Year in Review: My favourite data stories, datasets and visualisations from last…

Data Curious 2017 Year in Review: My favourite data stories, datasets and visualisations from last year Hello again. I’m back from a lengthy Christmas holiday hiatus and ready to embrace the very best data-driven stories that 2018 has to offer. But first, a retrospective. Over eight months ago, I started a weekly […]