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Lessons in Analytics From Mobile Gaming — Warlords Of Aternum

Levels, Layers, and Iteration Developed by Innogames and currently boasting 4.4 of 5 stars — Warlords of Aternum is a turn-based strategy game. This early in our series (this is article #5) that is really enough. I will be releasing a deeper dive on the importance of turn-based games to analytics in […]

LegalFling: A great example of how technology is not a person

Consent and trust cannot be machine-mediated Poor Aziz Ansari, the latest celebrity roast on the media smorgasbord. He could have spared himself the skewering if he’d downloaded LegalFling, the new software application for pre-coital consent certification. You read that correctly. There is now a smartphone app to generate quick and […]

Simplifying The Analytic Process — pt 6

Decisions, decisions, decisions One can claim that the Analytic Process is all about a lot of things. My preference is learning, but many would tell you that it is decision-making. Making decision is the most direct point of this process and shorter term, the most significant point for most businesses. […]

Does GDPR threaten the future of Data Science?

Rick Jo/Dot Magazine If most organizations are aware of the new European legislation GDPR few have thought through how this framework will change the practice of Data Science The General Data Protection Regulation will condition what and how personal data can be used commercially. Effective May 25th, 2018, the legislation will apply […]

Decision-Making By The Numbers

The Simple Math And Inspiration Starting out this article, let’s get one thing clear — numbers are models. They are probably the simplest and cleanest of models, but they are models none-the-less. They are also symbols. Numbers symbolize important things. This article will leverage that. It is intended to inspire. It is […]

How Data Science leads to better decision-making

Simplilearn This week’s news in the US, in Europe, and in the Middle East is a vivid reminder of the fallacy of rational decision-making. Whether we are reading about business, economics or society, each day seems to bring its load of conspicuously poor decision-making. Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman have […]