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Can an Entire City Run on the Blockchain?

By Samantha Radocchia, Co-Founder at Chronicled (2015-present). Originally published on Quora. With over 83 million passengers traveling through Dubai International Airport, it was the world’s third busiest airport in 2016. The city itself is booming, with an annual population growth of just over 10%. While it’s the undisputed business hub of the […]

The Future of Telemedicine

By Nitin Goyal, MD, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Founder & CEO at Pulse Platform. Originally published on Quora. The delivery of remote healthcare services using technology is the simplest way to define telemedicine. When you think about it, this shift to remote (or on-demand) service has already happened in most industries. Take banking, […]

Online Games Could Benefit Significantly from the Blockchain

By Samantha Radocchia, Co-Founder at Chronicled (2015-present). Originally published on Quora. Back when I was in undergrad, I did my anthropology thesis on a video game called Second Life. Except it wasn’t just a video game. It was a virtual world where people’s avatars lived, played, and worked. And just like in […]

A Fully Operational Tech Startup Office Includes…

By Stan Hanks, Startups: 14 and counting….. Originally published on Quora. There’s a bunch of “it depends” in here… Most “tech startups” involve people sitting around writing code or designing hardware or something similar. There’s a lot of casual and not-so-casual collaboration. So a mix of team and individual contributor. You’re going […]

10 Things Everyone Should Know About Machine Learning

By Daniel Tunkelang, who led machine learning projects at Endeca, Google, LinkedIn. Originally published on Quora. As someone who often finds himself explaining machine learning to non-experts, I offer the following list as a public service announcement. Machine learning means learning from data; AI is a buzzword. Machine learning lives up […]

The 4 Primary Concerns About Domestic Drones

By Tom Farrier, Chair, ISASI Unmanned Aircraft Systems Working Group. Originally published on Quora. I edited the original question simply because it contained an embedded assumption that “drone = bad.” Lots of people have lots of ingenious ideas associated with new uses for unmanned aircraft, especially at the small end of […]

During a Whiteboard Coding Interview…Is It OK to Explain to The Interviewer How You’d Use Google to…

During a Whiteboard Coding Interview…Is It OK to Explain to The Interviewer How You’d Use Google to Find an Answer? By Gayle Laakmann McDowell, worked at Google. Originally published on Quora. So you’re attempting to solve a problem and you don’t know how to solve it? Cool, that’s sort of the norm. […]

What To Expect After Graduating From a Coding Bootcamp

Tech Careers By Avi Flombaum, works at Flatiron School. Originally published on Quora. What kind of a programmer can you be by going to a coding bootcamp? I have two answers. What kind of coding job can you expect to get immediately after attending a coding bootcamp? Whether or not it’s indicated […]

Will Robots Replace Humans as The Intelligent Beings of Earth?

By Kynan Eng, 1.21 GW. Originally published on Quora. Humans are already no longer the dominant species on Earth. In 2014, the number of mobile electronic devices surpassed the number of people. If you include computers that are not mobile, the number of internet-connected devices will reach 34 billion by 2020. But […]