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Introduction to Data Structures

What is data structure? Upcoming sophomores majoring in Computer Engineering, Software Engineering or Computer Science who have signed up for Intro to Data Structures class often ask the same question: What the heck is data structure? The simplest way to answer their question is by describing data structures as a […]

Computer Science, Simply Explained.

Introduction Contents Linear data structures, part 1 Linear data structures, part 2 I write code for a living and I get asked all the time “Did you learn to code in school?”, and the truth is: not really. In school, I learned Computer Science (algorithms, data structures, forming logical arguments . . . in other […]

Shared Mutability: Handle with care !!

Gratisography Let’s bifurcate these 2 words and understand them one by one.Shared and Mutability SharingSharing in computer science means sharing of resources like I/O, data etc between multiple processes. In case of data as a resource, sharing may mean permission to read and/or update it by multiple processes. Shared ReadingMultiple […]

Less Repetition, More Dynamic Programming

Less repetition, more dynamic programming! One of the running themes throughout this series has been the idea of making large, complex problems, which at first may seem super intimidating, feel so much more approachable. If we want to get really meta about it, that’s what the mission of this entire […]