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Is Cybersecurity Automation The Future? 

Cyber-attacks are increasing every year, and on July 2019, 2,359,114,047 records were breached in total worldwide. The institutions attacked range from Technical Colleges, Bitcoin exchanges and even governments.  If cybersecurity teams want to remain effective, then they must begin to embrace cybersecurity automation. By automating repeatable tasks that are completed […]

Will Live Game Shows Become the Future of Digital Advertising?

Advertisers are always on the lookout for creative ways to reach their target audiences, engage them, and encourage them to take actions towards supporting their brand. In the last decade, digital advertisements are gradually talking over from traditional media as large demographics become part of a connected world. Social media […]

Grant Imahara Has a Web Series to Talk About the Future of the Robots

Before getting into this subject, don’t forget to check out the new web series about generation robots that shows companies which developed robots, that are designed to work and communicate with humans. Movies represent a big part of our lives, and many people have seen many movies, the science fiction […]

Could Cryptocurrencies Be The Future Of Online Payments?

Cryptocurrencies and the potential that they have to evolve the way our financial institutions work is fascinating. Despite recent market fluctuations, BTC price appears to be climbing once again, further helping to increase the public interest in the exciting world of cryptocurrencies. However, how much potential do cryptocurrencies actually have, […]

Motivating the Greatest Geniuses in AI to Change the World Instead of Destroy It

Too often we’re wasting the most creative people on the planet on the most trivial and ridiculous problems. “The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads. That sucks,” said data scientist Jeffrey Hammerbacher, founder of Cloudera. What else are many of the top […]

On the Intersection of Software and Regulation

Software has been the most magical ingredient in economic terms and clearly the biggest “economic revolution” to have taken place in history, yet has also been largely unregulated. A twitter thread from March 21, 2018. What is going on with Facebook and privacy is very challenging for not just FB but […]

The Zeitgeist of Emerging Media

Editor’s note: This is part of a series of articles by transmedia producer Kamal Sinclair, from her research project on social equality in emerging media, Making a New Reality. The rapid and fundamental shifts in our communications architecture are giving new life to philosophical and religious debates about the nature of […]

Shooting for the Moon, Missing the Point

Essay Is the sexiest new metaphor for social change sending us off course? Illustration by Barry Falls for Bright Magazine In the last decade or so, a certain approach to social change has become fashionable. It is characterized by a lofty, gargantuan goal — to cure a disease that we are very far from […]