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Java Basics for Retrofit — Fluent Interface with Builders

Every good software product follows some architecture and implementation patterns. In the past few decades, a lot of different ideas emerged. New and even experienced developers can still be overwhelmed by the amount of different patterns and when they should be applied. In this tutorial we’ll introduce you to two […]

Android background in a nutshell — Part 1

Hi, all! Although there a lot of materials covering the background work in Android applications, the complete guide is always missing due to the pace the instruments for the Android applications are developed at. The goal of this series is to provide a detailed guide on principles, tools and approaches […]

🌟 Retrofit 2 — How to Integrate Guava Call Adapter

In the past tutorials, you’ve learned the basics of Retrofit call adapters, how to integrate RxJava 1.x interfaces and RxJava 2.x interfaces to your Retrofit callbacks. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to integrate Retrofit’s request callbacks into your Guava flow. To continue reading this premium tutorial go to! […]

Java libraries with Kotlin. The case of dependency injection frameworks Kotlin opened up a new world for us. Developers write less code than before in Java world. And Kotlin’s interoperability with Java made it easy to incorporate it into existing and new apps, while still having the freedom of using our favourite Java libraries. However, as these libraries are […]

Java Kotlin border crossing checks

If you have a Java project, slowly converting to Kotlin, and have some interoperable code of Java and Kotlin, this would be important checks. The two items shared below has bitten us, as it won’t be caught by Compiler. Hopes you could be cautious of them. Java calls Kotlin code You have […]

Stunning New Features of Android Studio 3.0

Android Studio now comes with Instant App Support, Android Profiler, ContraintLayout, Support for Kotlin and much more! Android Studio 3.0 has released, and most Android developers seem happy about it. There are so many new features and improvements that updating your IDE to this new version is clearly a new brainer! How […]

Retrofit 2 — Share OkHttp Client and Converters between Retrofit Instances

Using Retrofit for your Android app’s networking can make your life so much easier. However, Retrofit’s design requires a single Retrofit instance for each API with a different base URL. Consequently, if your app is talking to two or more APIs (under different URLs), you’ll need to deal with at […]

5 Heroic Tools for Natural Language Processing

Big Data analysis is an essential tool for Business Intelligence, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools help process a flow of unstructured data from disparate sources. Due to the fact that Python programming language is one of the best suited for Big Data processing, many tools and libraries are written […]