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Getting started with kotlin

Image Source I have been learning kotlin since quite a while. Needless to say I love it 🙂 When I started learning it I had no clue from where I should start ? Because of number of resources like videos, official documentation and books. If you haven’t started yet and planning to […]

Kotlin Weekly Update — 28

Weekly update on Kotlin resources. 1. Exploring KTX for Android Exploring KTX for Android 2. Effective Networking On Android using Retrofit, Rx and Architecture Components Effective Networking On Android using Retrofit, Rx and Architecture Components 3. Why starting a new Android project with Java is a bad idea Why starting a new […]

Effective Networking On Android using Retrofit, Rx and Architecture Components

For many, like me, Retrofit is the go-to library on Android to talk to their REST APIs. Retrofit also supports adapters to convert your API responses into Reactive Streams. Reactive streams, among other things, help you handle threading effectively. This makes your Android application robust, stable and development faster. For […]

Android KTX-a new library by Android, that you need to try today!

It is amazing how much improved our Android development process has been, after Kotlin was announced as the official language for Android development. From people at Android, improving Android Studio to make it easier for us developers, to use Kotlin on our favorite IDE, to people at Kotlin making Anko […]

A stress-free way to test frustrating static method calls in Kotlin

Let me make a wild guess… You have encountered some code in Kotlin that is using some third-party library. The API that the library provides is one or a few static methods. And you want to test some code using these static methods. It is painful. You are not sure how […]

Java libraries with Kotlin. The case of dependency injection frameworks Kotlin opened up a new world for us. Developers write less code than before in Java world. And Kotlin’s interoperability with Java made it easy to incorporate it into existing and new apps, while still having the freedom of using our favourite Java libraries. However, as these libraries are […]

The ugly OnPropertyChangedCallback Data binding is an amazing feature in Android development. We can bind view model properties directly to the XML, the place where they are needed. No ugly ‘handwritten’ glue code in between, which also means less code in the Activities and Fragments. But sometimes we need to intervene manually. […]