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Netflix to crack down on users sharing passwords with friends and family

Netflix Wants “Consumer-Friendly” Ways To Crack Down On Password Sharing Netflix, one of the popular video streaming services, has announced that it would soon limit the password sharing by users with their family and friends. Greg Peters, the Chief Product Officer of Netflix, in an interview discussing their Q3 2019 earnings […]

Google stored passwords of G Suite users’ in plain text for 14 years

Google reveals G Suite users’ passwords were stored in plain text for over a decade Search giant Google has admitted that the company accidentally stored G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps) users’ passwords in plain text on its internal servers for 14 years. Suzanne Frey, Google Cloud Trust’s Vice […]

Facebook admits storing “millions” of Instagram passwords in plain text

Facebook exposed “millions” of Instagram passwords in plain text In yet another shocking admission by Facebook, the company said that not “tens of thousands” but “millions” of Instagram users were actually affected by the password leak that happened last month. Back then, Facebook had announced in a blog post dated […]

Facebook stored ‘hundreds of millions’ of passwords in plain text for up to 7 years

Facebook acknowledges stored plain text user passwords were visible to employees Facebook has never been short of controversies when it comes to privacy and security. In yet another security slip, the social media giant on Thursday admitted that the company had stored millions of passwords in plain text on its […]

Instagram Bug Accidentally Exposed Passwords Of Many Users

A few months ago Instagram rolled out the “Download Your Data” feature to comply with the new European data privacy regulations, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Well, this helpful feature had a major bug that accidentally exposed user’s password and made it vulnerable. So here’s everything you need to know about the […]

One of my Old Passwords Was Hacked on 6 Different Sites and I Had no Clue— Here’s How to Quickly…

One of my Old Passwords Was Hacked on 6 Different Sites and I Had no Clue— Here’s How to Quickly Check Yours and Protect Yourself. Don’t Ever Have a Single Point of Failure Passwords suck. Before 2-factor authentication and email login verification, passwords used to be the only line of defense […]

Why macOS is unbelievably insecure

The popular belief is that macOS is more secure than Windows. While Macs have less viruses written for them, they still are incredibly insecure. Here are several vulnerabilities you might not have heard of before: Webcam Spying: Webcam spying has become increasingly scary. You might say that Macs are completely safe […]