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4 Tricks for Fast Image Fills in Sketch

Tiny Techniques are bitesized design tricks to make you a better, faster designer in Sketch. Sometimes you’ll already be doing it…sometimes we’ll blow your mind. The Problem Frankly, no one likes browsing their computer for images to use in a design. BORED! The Solution Here are some fun little techniques you can […]

3 Product Design Predictions for 2018

Text & illustration: Andrew Wilshere For better or worse, we begin 2018 in the wake of some historically significant political shifts. Across the U.S., Europe and beyond, establishment thinking and received wisdom failed to predict the electoral upheavals of 2016. In this piece, we explore some upheavals in the tech world […]

Machines for creative enablement (not human replacement) The information we publish on the web pales in comparison to the totality of information inside our heads. Companies like Jelly and Quora have jumped on the opportunity to expose that knowledge in a people-powered search engine, but if we take a step back, there’s a more fundamental question […]

Machine Learning won’t reach its potential without the human element

A Conversation with Machine Learning won’t reach its potential without the human element was originally published in Machine Learnings on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. Please follow and like us:0GurupriyanGurupriyan is a Software Engineer and a technology enthusiast, he’s been working […]

How Will AI Help Design a Better User Experience

AI or Artificial intelligence is a hot buzzword these days especially among various businesses that are collecting big data. Currently, data has got an increase in speed, size, and variety. And it’s not so much about how to collect data than how to analyze and use it. AI can help […]

The Unexpected Rebirth of Google Glass

Few products in tech have drawn as much ridicule or outright laughter as Google Glass. But that wasn’t always the case. Back in 2012, Sergey Brin showed off a prototype of Glass at Google’s I/O conference: A screen behind Brin projected a live stream chat between Brin and two Google […]

Stop bragging about your tech in the app store, please

Friends, founders and product owners. I love you all. But if you stand in front of a mirror as say “AI” as part of your app store or website value proposition copy three times, I will come for you. You know who you are. “X is an AI powered journal” “Y is an AI […]