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My First Hacktoberfest — Experiences of Contributing to Open Source as a First Timer

Contributing to Open Source and projects can seem like a daunting process. Your favorite search engine will return a ton of results on guides and repositories to get started. But many times, your search does not yield the result you want, you still do not know how to contribute to […]

9 Udemy Courses on Data and Website Analytics in 2018

Artist: Tony Babel There are so many courses available on Udemy so it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Sometimes telling the difference between good or bad is not a simple task. Efficient learning often correlates with practical training. The world of data and analytics is a good example. Before jumping into the […]

Computer Science VS Software Engineering — Which Major Is Best For You?

Hey everyone! My name is YK, and I’m currently running CS Dojo, a programming education YouTube channel with 200,000+ subscribers. Two of the most common questions my audience asks me are: “What’s the difference between Computer Science and Software Engineering majors?” And… “Should I choose Computer Science or Software Engineering if […]

How to Create a Zen Experience on Your Android Phone

Take back control of your phone (and your attention) Photo by Kim S. Ly on Unsplash The vast majority of consumers use their phone exactly as it was originally configured. The problem is that this default setup, with built-in apps, non-stop notifications, and constant cries for your attention has nothing to […]

How To Move Around Your Mac At The Speed Of Light

Adapted from Christopher Gower on Unsplash Note: This guide is for Mac users, but most of these have Windows counterparts. One of the biggest ideas in psychology is the concept of hedonic adaptation. Also known as the ‘hedonic treadmill,’ it asserts that even substantial rises in our income or material wealth […]

Want To Innovate Like Elon Musk? Know How To Learn Like Him First

Credits The product-development strategy behind the iPhone, Tesla Semi, and more If the billionaire SpaceX CEO were watching me learn how to code Android apps for the first time, he would be severely disappointed. A few years ago, I wanted to create my own apps for the Google Play Store. The […]

Useful tricks you might not know about Git stash

Git stash 🙂 If you have been using Git for a while you might have used Git stash. It’s one of the useful features in Git. Here are some of the useful tricks I learned about Git stash last week. Git stash save Git stash list Git stash apply Git stash pop Git stash show Git stash branch  […]

The Shaper Effect: Why Some People Get 10x Results

When Microsoft first announced Windows, it didn’t create too many waves. The first version was released in 1985 to little attention. Over the coming years, the popularity grew, but even so, it wasn’t until the late 1980s and the early 1990s that it really started to take off. During the first few […]

How to Make Your Code CLEAN and BEAUTIFUL

And it is the ONLY way to GO FAST and meet the DEADLINE. Robert Martin nailed it to perfection when he said. “The only valid measurement of code quality is What-The-F**ks/Minute.” Let me explain a bit further. Whenever I do code review, my mind churns out three distinct emotions. · What-the-F**k (in […]