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How Progressive Web Apps Are Changing the Software Development Game

Find out about the benefits and limitations of progressive web apps Some say that progressive web apps (PWAs) have taken software development to the next level. The reason is that a PWA can work both as a web application and as a native mobile app. To achieve this flexibility, PWA […]

On the Intersection of Software and Regulation

Software has been the most magical ingredient in economic terms and clearly the biggest “economic revolution” to have taken place in history, yet has also been largely unregulated. A twitter thread from March 21, 2018. What is going on with Facebook and privacy is very challenging for not just FB but […]

Why I Like Whiteboard Interviews (and you should too) Whiteboard interviews get a lot of negative press for being ‘unfair’ or ‘not real-world scenarios’. They put candidates on the spot, away from their comfort zones. Countless articles, comments, posts, and tweets declare the irrationality of the process. The thing is, this is the point. The whiteboard phase usually occurs […]

Writing better unit tests in Swift: Part One

Generating test data with factory methods The problem Look, we’re amongst friends here, so I feel I can be totally honest: I’ve written some really awful unit tests in my career. Twenty-line monsters with multiple mocks and asserts and asynchronous expectations. The sort of thing you see in books with titles […]

How to Learn a New Programming Language or Framework

New programming languages are born every day. Dart, Go, Kotlin, Elixir and more! Beating the learning curve can be difficult, but there’s some tips that will help you to get through. There are some steps you want to take to accelerate the learning process and increase your fluency in the programming […]

Free Coding Images by Burst & Hacker Noon

To help modern designers, bloggers, marketers, and entrepreneurs everywhere, Burst has partnered with with Hacker Noon to create stock photo collections that focus on emerging tech. Burst & Hacker Noon’s latest free photo collection is focused on coding. Here you’ll find royalty-free images of software programmers on their computers, close-ups of […]

The Book Every Programmer Should Read

Writing code that any programmer who read can understand is a must-have skill for software developers. The fact is: only 20% of the programmers have the ability. “Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.” — Martin Fowler Photo by Fabian Grohs on Unsplash When […]