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Apple’s Swift is the fastest-growing programming language

Apple’s Swift makes it into top 10 programming languages In a quarterly ranking of programming languages conducted by analysis firm, RedMonk this week reveals that JavaScript continues to dominate the language rankings like last year. Although the results were published this week (in March), the RedMonk report contains data compiled […]

Writing better unit tests in Swift: Part One

Generating test data with factory methods The problem Look, we’re amongst friends here, so I feel I can be totally honest: I’ve written some really awful unit tests in my career. Twenty-line monsters with multiple mocks and asserts and asynchronous expectations. The sort of thing you see in books with titles […]

Getting started with Moya

Getting Started with Moya Moya is a Swift Network Abstraction Library. It provides us with an abstraction to make network calls without directly communicating with Alamofire. With this tutorial we will learn how to get started with the framework, discover some tips & tricks and learn all basics from code examples. […]

A Flexible Routing Approach in an iOS App

“Trollstigen” At Rosberry we’ve refused using storyboards, except the Launch Screen of course and configure all layout and transition logic in code. In order to understand our reasons — read the Life without Interface Builder written by Zeplin’s team, I hope you will find this post useful! In this article, I’m going to […]

Turning Swift compile-time safety into safety for your users

Sometimes good coding practices lead to good UX What happened? Technically, today nothing stops you as a developer from unintentionally or accidentally making irreversible changes (e.g. deleting user data) without confirmation from the user. Of course, we try to mitigate this risk as much as possible, writing UIAlertController code all over […]

Live stream an ONVIF Camera on your iOS app!

Onvif (stands for: Open Network Video Interface Forum) is a non-profit with the goal of facilitating the development and use of a global open standard for the interface of physical IP-based security products — Wikipedia Being able to control your house, open doors, view in real time your living room, control the […]

Mastering MVVM on iOS

There are a plenty of posts on the internet about app architectures in the iOS development world. Today I will show some tips for using MVVM architecture while developing iOS apps. I am not going to show other architectures if you need them there is a great post ( ). […]