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Healthcare & 3D Printing: New Coding Frontier

3D printing for practical use in the medical field was an exciting and monumental achievement that came out of the last few years. As the thrill of the 3D printing breakthrough subsides, many are wondering what the next step is. For the web programming community, this is a technology that […]

Reinventing Manufacturing, Construction, Buildings, Building Efficiency

Section 8 of “Reinventing Societal Infrastructure with Technology” which will be released end of January. I will be posting a new section daily. Please share your feedback as this is a work in progress. Key drivers: automated construction, robotic delivery, “transformer” type spaces, shared and higher percentage reusage, 3D printing […]

How To Build a 3D Printer in Python

First ever CNC machine controller implementation on pure Python CNC machine controllers are typically implemented using the C or C++ programming language and running on OS-less or real time operating systems with simple microcontrollers. I will describe how to build a CNC controller, a 3D printer in particular, using modern ARM […]

A seven-year-old baseball fan with a 3D-printed hand is throwing out the first pitch of World Series Game 4

 Hailey Dawson is already a veteran of tossing the ceremonial first pitch at the ripe old age of seven. She’s got two Major League games under her belt and is about to add a third, with her biggest audience yet, as she kicks off Game 4 of the World Series […]