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Google’s AI can predict a patient’s death with more accuracy than hospitals

Google AI can help doctors predict when patients might die Google’s “Medical Brain” team have used a new type of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that can make predictions about a patient’s death more accurately than hospital doctors, reports Bloomberg. Google’s findings were published in the Nature partner journal Digital Medicine […]

Accuracy Paradox

Beware of what lies beneath — wiki image “If you don’t know anything about Machine Learning, you should definitely know Accuracy Paradox” — Akinkunle Allen I wrote about Model Evaluation I, If you haven’t checked it out, you should. What is Accuracy Paradox? Accuracy is defined as the freedom from mistake or error. For example, a piece […]

Apple accused of reducing the accuracy and quality of iPhone X’s Face ID

Apple claims Bloomberg’s report on iPhone X Face ID is false Last month, Apple had to face an embarrassing glitch at the launch of its premium flagship, iPhone X while demonstrating Face ID, the company’s new facial recognition software that unlocks the device. If this was not enough, a new […]