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5 Amazing Android Apps for Android Developers & Designers

A list of my favorites As Android developers, we mostly make apps for consumers but let’s not forget about the amazing developers that create apps for other developers. The following five apps come straight out of my ‘Developer’ folder on my Pixel XL. They are not the only apps in […]

Downloadable Fonts for Android

Exploring Downloadable Fonts using Support Library & Android Studio I recently had the pleasure of using the newly supported , so this workaround shouldn’t be needed. There were a couple of other places where Lato did not get applied — one where I was dynamically creating textviews with bold styling, and the bottom navigation […]

Kotlin Weekly Update — 20

Weekly update on Kotlin resources. 1. Kotlin 1.2 Released: Sharing Code between Platforms Kotlin 1.2 Released: Sharing Code between Platforms 2. Parcelable, simplified Parcelable, simplified with Kotlin Android Extensions 3. Kotlin language idioms introductory tutorial part-1 Kotlin idiomatic code examples, Kotlin idioms Tutorial – Developine 4. Reactive Programming in Kotlin[book] by […]

Kotlin Weekly Update — 19

Weekly update on Kotlin resources. 1. Calling Kotlin from Java: start using Kotlin today Calling Kotlin from Java: start using Kotlin today – Antonio Leiva 2. Learning Kotlin by “Mistake” Learning Kotlin by Mistake 3. Six(6) magic sugars that can make your Kotlin codebase happier (Part 1) 6 magic sugars that can […]

Amazon debuts a new Appstore app with better discovery, focus on Amazon Coins

 Amazon’s Kindle app isn’t the only mobile app from the company getting a makeover today. Amazon has also now quietly introduced a new version of its Appstore app for Fire TV, Fire tablets and Android devices. The new store features a visual redesign and an increased focus on Amazon’s own […]

Google Will Pay You $1000 Bounty For Finding Bugs In Android Apps

You can earn $1000 in Bounty for finding software bugs in Android Apps Google has launched (and is expanding) a new program with the aim of removing vulnerabilities from third-party apps on its Google Play Store. Titled the Google Play Security Reward Program, it will reward researchers $1,000 for discovering problems […]