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Facebook launches AR games for Messenger app

Facebook adds augmented reality (AR) games to its Messenger app Facebook is known for copying Snapchat’s features for its social media platforms. And, the social media giant has done it yet again!!! Facebook in a blog post yesterday announced a new feature in Messenger app for its users that makes connecting […]

Augmented Reality(AR) And Virtual Reality(VR): What Are The Differences?

Many impossibilities of yesterday are possible today. Today’s impossibilities, centered around Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will soon become possible. You see, the impossibility isn’t whether they work, rather it’s about taking them mainstream. So the real question is, how good does it have to be before the […]

Apple’s ARKit for All — What is Apple ARKit

A new ARKit version released. Will Apple lead or will Apple follow, in this war on Augmented Reality platforms? A new ARKit version released. Will Apple lead or will Apple follow, in this war on Augmented Reality platforms? Apple’s ARKit revealed to the public at the World Wide Developers Conference […]

The Influence of VR and AR Across Industries is Growing

Credits: Wired The mainstream availability of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and mixed reality technologies is one of the most exciting IT developments over the past few years. The obvious entertainment value have many people eager to try them. However, entertainment isn’t the only part of our lives that VR, […]

Google Chrome to get AR with downloadable 3D objects

Google is working on bringing AR’s magic to Chrome with downloadable 3D objects Google recently unveiled its experimental efforts to integrate Augmented Reality (AR) features into the mobile and desktop web using its Chrome browser. The browser-based prototype version of AR called ‘Article’ is a 3D model viewer, which not […]

Building the ‘AR-Cloud’: Part One

Why we’re building a realtime, 3D map of the world that machines can understand Note: This is part one of a multi-part series on what we believe is THE biggest and most exciting challenge in computing today. Over the last century, computing has transitioned from server-rooms, to desktops, to our […]

Why You Should Be Building AR Apps Now

On Sept 19th, Apple launched ARKit, unleashing a new category of mobile apps and creating a new greenfield for mobile app developers. During Apple’s earnings call last week, Tim Cook announced that there are 1,000 plus AR apps in the App Store already. These AR apps cover a wide range […]