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5 Advice for Common Mistakes Made by Cryptocurrency Traders

When you start trading in cryptocurrency, it is sure that you will face losses as well as gains during investment and while trying to make profits. But the important thing here is that you learn from your mistakes and make sure to avoid them in the future. Here we are […]

What to learn to become a good embedded design engineer

Electronic Components [Image Credit : Pexels ] What to learn to become a good embedded design engineer I have a personal blog on Instagram and few weeks back many of my followers expressed interest in understanding, how one could become a good embedded design engineer, so here is a short recipe 🙂 Start with […]

How to Make Your Code CLEAN and BEAUTIFUL

And it is the ONLY way to GO FAST and meet the DEADLINE. Robert Martin nailed it to perfection when he said. “The only valid measurement of code quality is What-The-F**ks/Minute.” Let me explain a bit further. Whenever I do code review, my mind churns out three distinct emotions. · What-the-F**k (in […]

Journey to Machine Learning Part 1: Introductions, Motivations, and Roadmap

Introductions If you’ve been If I am ultimately not successful though (defined by some sort of empirical evidence that what I am trying to do is not possible, or that I am too far removed from this field), I’d like this to serve as a record that others could point […]