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Intuitively Understanding Variational Autoencoders

A Standard Variational Autoencoder And why they’re so useful in creating your own generative text, art and even music In contrast to the more standard uses of neural networks as regressors or classifiers, Variational Autoencoders (VAEs) are powerful generative models, now having applications as diverse as from generating fake human faces, […]

Building Google’s Art and Culture Portrait Matcher

When my excited flatmates first showed me the portrait search functionality I was suitably amazed (and somewhat insulted) by the results. For those unfamiliar with it, this feature in Google Art and Culture allows you to find faces in Google’s digitised art collection which are similar to a selfie you submit. […]

The Battle for the Infrastructure of Everyday Life

Written for the inaugural NGV Triennal publication Ewan McEoin kindly asked me to contribute a piece to the (2016) records what he calls the “invisible infrastructures of the internet … the hidden materiality of our data”. His carefully obsessive, high-definition stalking takes as a subject one of the largest, most secure […]

Could Slothicorn Become The Ultimate Funding Solution For Creative Commons Crypto Artists?

remix of art by: @artistchristian and @fluffywiggle Cover image remix by: @artistchristian and @fluffywiggle of Slothicorn is Creative Commons Cryptoart. Discord: Slothicorn represents a shift away from copyrights, and a shift towards a new decentralized “WE” economy (ummmm….Weconomy?). Slothicorn is part of the Open Source and […]

The Work of Art in the Age of Algorithmic Reproduction

As artificial intelligence seeps into our lives, artists are exploring AI both as a tool and in its impact on our humanness. ‘My Artificial Muse,’ by Mario Klingemann. Photo: Mario Klingemann Anna Ridler’s Fall of the House of Usher unspools, rooms and bodies spreading half-seen across the frames of this […] — Augmenting human creativity with artificial intelligence

Mixing, creating and searching aesthetically coherent designs with neural networks. One of the most discussed aspects of artificial intelligence and computer science its whether machines can be creative or not. This discussion is as old as the first computer, but in recent times amazing results from Generative Adversarial Networks and […]