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Google rolls out offline reading feature for Chrome on Android

Google Chrome for Android will automatically download articles over Wi-Fi for offline reading Google in its latest update for Chrome browser for Android, has introduced a new feature that will automatically download news articles while connected to a free or un-metered Wi-Fi connection so that the user can view them […]

Turning Swift compile-time safety into safety for your users

Sometimes good coding practices lead to good UX What happened? Technically, today nothing stops you as a developer from unintentionally or accidentally making irreversible changes (e.g. deleting user data) without confirmation from the user. Of course, we try to mitigate this risk as much as possible, writing UIAlertController code all over […]

The Best of AI: New Articles Published This Month (December 2017)

10 data articles handpicked by the Sicara team, just for you Welcome to the December edition of our best and favorite articles in AI that were published this month. We are a Paris-based company that does Agile data development. This month, we spotted articles about Deep Learning, useful tutorials, and some […]