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Create a Wikipedia Bias Tracker in 4 Steps with StdLib and IBM Watson

Wikipedia is an invaluable resource when trying to get some quick information on a topic. For more rigorous research, it can provide a place to start and find more sources via the references attached to an article. Since Wikipedia is an open platform,subscribe to . When he’s not programming you […]

Fair and Balanced? Thoughts on Bias in Probabilistic Modeling

In recent months and years, the Machine Learning community has conducting a notable amount of soul searching on the question of algorithmic bias: are our algorithms operating in ways that are fundamentally unfair towards specific groups within society? This conversation intrigues me because it falls at an intersection between two areas […]

AI is not just learning our biases; it is amplifying them.

After my presentation “Bias: Statistical and Significant”, last week at the REWORK Women in AI in Healthcare Dinner in London, I was asked if I could write something on the topic aimed at a less technical audience. It’s my hope this article will provide enough of a technical intuition about […]

Who’s the fairest of them all? Not AI.

AI is the future, but it is intrinsically tied to our past. How do we expose human bias in machine learning? Organisations are increasingly adopting black box models to automate certain processes and assist decision-making, which will impact how we work and live. Today, there are models to help decide […]